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Chris Rickabaugh has been an actor most of his life. Originally hailing from Altoona, Pennsylvania, he moved to Los Angeles in 2005. He has been a professional voice actor since 2011. His most recognizable work is from Street Fighter V (Sean Matsuda) and Street Fighter X Tekken (Hwoarang). He also lent his voice to games such as Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny and Akiba's Trip. Spending six years as a cast member of Dungeon Master in Los Angeles, he survived his improv trial by fire. This he extended to the Adventure stage show which was created by Michael T. Coleman. He is also an original cast member of the popular 1920s radio drama Tales of the Extraordinary. In his spare time, he enjoys lifting weights and is an avid tabletop gamer.

Bond of Brothers                             John                                        Dir. Arley Ryder                                          2018

Street Fighter V                               Sean                                       Dir. Jonathan Klein, Toshio Ohashi,           2016

(Video Game)                                                                                        Teruaki Shiraishi

White Crows                                   FBI Senior Resident Agent      Dir. White Cross                                         2016

CFA: CrossFitters Anonymous       Seth                                         Dir. Arley Ryder                                          2016

(Video Short)

Batgirl: Spoiled                                Cthulhu Thug                          Dir. Damian Beurer                           2012-2013

(TV Series)

Street Fighter X Tekken                   Hwoarang                               Dir. Katsuhiro HaradaTaliesin Jaffe          2012
(Video Game)

Legends of Atoll                               Solomon                                 Dir. Mario N. Bonassin                                2011

(TV Series)

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny        Joe                                         Dir. Jonathan Klein                                     2011

(Video Game)

The Hall Monitor                              Jake                                        Dir. Shawn GioiosaKevin Hartman          1999


2010 - present
2010 - present
Training & Workshops

Penn State                                                                                      Altoona, PA                                                2003 


Baron/Brown Studio                                                                        Santa Monica, CA                                     2006

Stats: 5’7” • 170 lbs • Hair: Brown • Eyes: Green

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Willing to travel

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